About Us
RateRocket platform is built by Teamedia team - a leading boutique PPC agency for tech and SaaS companies. We are 25 PPC experts with 7 years of both business and technical experience in the paid marketing industry.

Our deep knowledge is based on achieving PPC results for 70+ early-stage startups. We build RateRocket based on customers' feedback and hyper-target it to their needs.

Our platform matches startups with the best-fit PPC experts — like Uber for PPC and guarantees any PPC task gets professionally done in 24h.

Let the numbers tell you our story!

Facts about our expertise and progress:

7+ years
Years of experience
in PPC management
70+ projects
A number of startups we have partnered with
Millions in
managed Ad spend
Major ad
platforms covered

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MarTech Solutions LLC
Georgia, Tbilisi